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If you’re like me, so many times in my career I had times when I felt energized in my work, only to somehow transition to a season of being stuck. During those seasons of stuck, I couldn’t quite put my finger on what to do next. I’d question if I should move on to something new, or just deal the with feelings of mediocrity.

It’s always been important to me to love the work I do. I’m a practical person and understand that some days are not going to be winners, but overall, I want my work and life to mesh well and bring value to others.

I feel that, as humans, we are called to unique and special seasons of life and work. Many times, the key is integrating that passion and sense of calling into day-to-day life.

If you feel that sense of calling ….we should talk. I am energized to coach those who feel lost in their careers and are craving the inspiration to get back on track.

If you can say, “Yes” to 3 of the 4 statements you’re in the right place:

You are a driven, creative, caring person but are now feeling stuck, devalued, and overwhelmed.

At one point you felt connected and engaged to your work life and community, but now are feeling left out in the desert alone. You could use someone to help with developing an intentional plan.

Have always been the captain of your own ship, but now feel that ship has sailed without you and you’re standing on the beach watching it cross the horizon. 

You’ve always been the one with the plan and a strategy to move forward, but have lost your mojo and don’t know how to get it back.

Welcome and feel free to look around, enjoy the resources I have provided here and come back
often for more updates.


About Lisa

Lisa’s career started in human resources in the Boston area 30 years ago. Her career has evolved to include, not only human resources, but strategic client management, marketing, sales, sales operations, retreat facilitation, client training, coaching and speaking.

She facilitates various women’s groups in her local area, through her church, and mentors’ young professional women, that are at a crossroads in their careers, through 4Word Women.

Lisa lives in Saratoga Springs, NY with her husband Mike and their 2 sons, David and Drew. They have 2 dogs named Rex and Ridley. All of them love spending time on the beach either eastern Massachusetts or in Florida with family.

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