Coaching Services

My Take on Coaching

I’ve been coaching professionally for over 10 years, and one of the things I love about coaching is when my clients have one of those A-HA breakthrough moments. When their mindset starts to shift, and they can see a clear path in front of them. Then as we coach, I take them through what does that path look like, how can they succeed in that dream / vision, and what’s the plan to back it up.

Much of my coaching is focused on career or leadership, and when I see someone transition into a new position or begin to lead differently / healthier it consistently puts a smile on my face.

My coaching process takes place over a specified period of time that the client and I agree to and I work them through a process of discovery, inspiration, and empowerment. I encourage them to build a plan of action and to move forward in that plan actively seeing their successes.

Are you exploring a career change, actively job searching, or growing as a new leader? Working with a career coach can help you achieve your goals faster and with focus. The world of work has changed dramatically over the past few years. Making major career decisions alone is not the best avenue. If you have never explored coaching, I am happy to offer a free initial call to discuss your challenges and goals. We’ll see if there is a “fit” for us to work together. If so, I’ll propose what makes the most sense.

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