I recently was interviewed by a new resume site, www.purzue.com. The questions were interesting to answer and I enjoyed the team immensely.   Have a peek….


Welcome to Purzue Interviews, bringing you conversations with top influencers and thought leaders from topics across the hiring landscape.  This week we sit down with the Lisa Adams: Career Coach, Career Counselor, Trainer and Speaker, to chat about the job seeker.

Purzue: Tell us a little bit about your background and how you became a career coach.

Lisa: It is a funny story. I hit a point in my career in which I needed to make some timely decisions. I had all kinds of ideas of what I could do but wasn’t sure what was the right fit for me for the long term, given the skills and background I had. So I hired a career coach.

My 20+ years of work have crossed from HR, HR systems, sales engineering, training and development, and business development. My latest corporate role was at Monster.com working on strategic partnerships for the job seeker side of the house. I love developing partnerships.

After some time with my coach, it is a process and I let the process work it’s way through, I determined that my skills, gifts and work goals were aligned with career coaching. After several informational interviews and researching the field more, I jumped in to gaining 2 certifications and launching Fresh Air Careers. In 2009 I left corporate and began my coaching.

Purzue: What are some of the biggest issues your clientele faces; whether it be the employer or employee?  read more…