Living with intentionality has always been a passion of mine.  Why? Probably because I have failed at it so many times, or at least I feel like I have.  And this is when I remind myself of my successes, not failures, and that how I feel about myself may not be the true facts.

For many years I would do my annual goal setting, especially while I was working in corporate and before my sons came along.  I was a big-time goal setter and task list checker.  I had my yearly, monthly, weekly, and daily planner.  Most of the time I hit my goals.  Other times I did not.  At times, my mind would go to, “Why didn’t you complete that goal or even start it?  You will never achieve anything.”  Over time of saying this to myself enough, I gave up on setting any goals.  I just did life day by day, week by week.

What I found in that drift living, was no purpose and my attitude had changed.  To me intentional living is an attitude not a list of goals.

Goals, dreams, task lists, and mission statements are all extremely valuable.  For me I needed a change in attitude, at how I look at my life purpose, my personal mission, my personal priorities.  I needed to move forward each day, week, month, and year with intention.  Intention in my faith, in the legacy I am leaving, in the boundaries I have, and in my work.

The attitude of intentionality is a recent insight for me.  I had never put words or thoughts to it fully.  I had coached professionals in their careers and encouraged them to be intentional in their career moves but had I really looked at my life fully with intent?  No.  Just in the past 5 years have I put mind space and action behind this.

Can you see yourself in my story?

My 4 Areas of Intention:

  • Faith
  • Legacy
  • Boundaries
  • Work


Having intentional faith is again an attitude toward my creator, my Savior, Jesus Christ.  Will I choose to lean into Him fully?  Will I choose to repent of my toxic thoughts and doubts, daily?  Will I choose to believe He can do what He promises he will do?  Will I purposely put my time, mind, and heart to learning His Word daily?  Yes, yes, and maybe sometimes.  Let’s be honest some days are better than others.  Again, it is an attitude and an choice.  I am choosing to build my belief daily.  How about you?

The Lord has granted me so many opportunities, big and small, and I am so grateful.  I never want to squander the opportunities, but I know that I have in the past and I will again the future.  Give myself grace.


What legacy am I leaving to my sons and grandchildren and great grandchildren?  I’m in my 50’s and this is an area I have become more aware of as the years have passed by.  I want my legacy to filled with the knowledge that Mom knew and loved the Lord, she loved her family more than herself, she had fun and lived to the fullest, and she was humble.

What legacy do you want to leave your loved ones?


Now this is an interesting one, intentional boundaries.  What are they and do you have them?  I work with clients regularly regarding boundaries.  How to say “no” when necessary and appropriate.  What are healthy boundaries for work and family?  As a leader?  See my article here where I discuss boundaries in the ministry world.  You may not know but my husband is a pastor.  We have been living in the formal church world our whole married life.


No matter what you define in this area, work, career, or your own business, it all comes down to changing that attitude to intentional direction, not drifting through.  I had one client, in years past, it was a huge Ah-Ha that she could actually pick her next job / career move. She did not need to take whatever came along but that she could and should plan her next step.  Up until that point she literally took a job based on what was put in front her.  She worked in various industries, all interesting but not for what her heart yearned.

She is today, years later, still doing what she loves, utilizing the gifts and talents God has given her and is living with intention and purpose.  Our work is an outpouring of our faith, it should always have intention and meaning.  To me faith and work are intertwined.

What has your career been like so far?  Drifted from job to job?  Stayed in the same job for 20+ years because it is “secure”?  Never finding the perfect fit position for you.  By the way, no job is “perfect” but it can get pretty close.  I have had a few in my career and loved 90% of what I did every day.  What I do now is one of those times.

What is one thing you want to be intentional about this year?  Be as specific as possible.  Tell someone what that is and allow them to check in with you throughout the year to see how you are doing with that area.  Are you game?