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Lisa and I worked together after I left a company I had been with for 15+ years. Her tactics, enthusiasm, good ideas and guidance helped me learn how to look at my career path, decide what I was looking for and tackle my job hunt with confidence. I just celebrated my 1st anniversary in my new job and I use many of the lessons I learned working with Lisa every day! She’s a great coach and made a huge difference in my professional outlook.

Jocelyn, Boston, MA

Lisa has been an extraordinary career coach during my job search process. She used her great methods to help me find not just a job, but career I would enjoy and thrive. She has remarkably in-depth knowledge about today’s job market and what the recruiters and hiring managers are looking for in their candidates. She always has spot-on and sharp advice on every particular situation, which I very much appreciate. Also, her positive energy and encouragement always motivates me to believe in myself and stay on track. I highly recommend Lisa to anyone who is looking for a job, particularly a career change.
Zoe Ye, TN

Lisa offers incredible insight into today’s challenging and highly competitive job market. Her time spent on the other side of the table at provides a unique perspective on what companies seek in their next employee. Through her skillful coaching and guidance, her clients identify clear goals and develop strategies to attain them. She readily offers thoughtful advice on how to approach each individual’s specific situation. Her infectious bubbly personality keeps her clients motivated from day one all the way through landing a new position. If you are looking for guidance on how to move your career forward, I would highly recommend Lisa.

Brian, IL

I worked with Lisa at a time when I had a lot of big ideas but not a lot of direction, organization or even the right kind of motivation to get me started on accomplishing those ideas. Lisa helped me get organized, and helped me break things down in to smaller pieces so it didn’t seem so daunting. With the ultimate goal of a career change, Lisa and I worked through some brainstorming-type activities that really made a lightbulb (or two!) go on for me. I was finally able to get a handle on the things I really needed in a career and was able to start taking the small steps to make a big change.

Kristy, Boston, MA

Lisa has been an excellent career coach for me through the CareerHMO program. She has enabled me to make great strides in my job search, checking my program exercises, resumes, and cover letters, and providing timely and insightful feedback. She’s provided invaluable guidance in tricky situations, and has been supportive, helpful, and great to have as a coach. Her great hands on knowledge is matched by her compassion for those she coaches, making her an excellent coach.

Maile, Washington DC

Lisa is a fabulous Career Coach. Her depth of knowledge on career is second to none – pair that with a really caring personality and you have a Coach that will help you every step of the way. She tackles projects with enthusiasm and precision – and always delivers. She is a great to work with!

Paula, NH

Lisa has been an invaluable resource during my job search process. As I pivoted my career into a new industry she was a consistent voice of encouragement, providing insight as I navigated the challenges of developing a personal brand and creating a concise message about my professional capabilities. In group coaching sessions, she demonstrated her depth of experience with the hiring process offering solid guidance with a most personable style. Whether offering advice on answering tricky interview questions, editing a “”disruptive” cover letter, or keeping me focused on the end goal, Lisa’s counsel has always been thoughtful, discerning and constructive. I have enjoyed working with her and recommend her without hesitation.

Mike, FL

Lisa is a superior career coach. She walked me through a transition from the military to the corporate sector. Lisa made it virtually painless to learn the nuances of the job search. Most importantly, she helped understand who I was and how that would make a difference in my interviewing skills and ability to promote myself in the right ways. I went from someone who was truly terrified of interviewing to someone who now actually enjoys the interviewing process. You could not ask for a better career coach and mentor for this process!

Doug, NY

Lisa brings energy and determination to her work and has been a pleasure to collaborate with on several initiatives. She is passionate about career development, flexibility and work-life balance and brings this into her work assisting others with their own quest for a fulfilling life.

Jennifer Sabatini Fraone, Boston College Center for Work and Family

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