I refer regularly in my coaching to buying motivators. I thought it would be helpful for me to clearly outline them for you as a reference.

Buying Motivators are what an employer uses to access any decision in business. They all have pain points and ultimately want to stay in business AND make a profit.  It is that classic line from Jerry Maquire “Show Me the Money”.

interviewing messages

Show Me the Money

For our purposes let’s keep these pain points or motivators in mind during the hiring process.

The employer will ask how can you … ?

  1. Make me money
  2. Save me money
  3. Improve my market share
  4. Save time
  5. Retain customers
  6. Gain new customers
  7. Retain employees
  8. Make work easier
  9. Solve a specific problem

All motivators get to the bottom-line of a business — to stay in business and to earn a profit.

Your messaging should answer the above issues for an employer.  You may not be able to have an answer for all 9 but target 2- 3.

For instance as a career coach I (motivator #1) help job seekers land a position faster than if they went it alone and offer salary negotiation strategies, thus providing new income faster and at a higher rate.


As a career coach I (motivators #2 and #4) provide strategies and resources to professionals to save them time and money by knowing which job search strategies to use and which to avoid.