By guest contributor Katie Conroy

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, every worker realized that no job was truly “safe,” and everyone was at risk of being laid-off or losing freelance clients. This also held true for people who were already working remotely before the outbreak began. If you lost your full-time remote job or experienced a major drop in freelance income because of the pandemic, now is the time to focus on getting back on your feet. The following resources will help you create a plan for finding remote work and fostering valuable relationships with other professionals in your field. Work with career expert Lisa Adams to find the inspiration to get your career back on track. Call 518-384-4844 or email  

Designing the Ideal Home Office for Productivity  

If you don’t have a designated workspace in your home already, it’s a good idea to set one up.

  • Have a basic organization system for your desk.
  • Purchase all the furniture and tools you will need to manage your workload.
  • Take time to set your WiFi network and ensure that your connection is strong.

Safest, Fastest, and Most Reliable Video Chat Tools for Remote Workers  

Anticipate giving virtual interviews. To prepare accordingly, you’ll need the right video chat tools!

  • With Microsoft Teams, you can use the video chat tool and other features for free.
  • Zoho Meeting is a basic platform that doesn’t require you to download any software.
  • Host virtual meetings with potential clients or employers with Cisco Webex!

Top Tips for Finding Remote Work During a Pandemic or Economic Crisis

As recovery progresses and more businesses reopen, you may be surprised by how many remote job opportunities you come across.

Becoming a Valuable Remote Worker Once you’ve secured a new job or connected with a few clients, take steps to help you maintain these professional relationships for years to come.

  • Follow these tips to craft the perfect messages for your professional contacts.
  • If you’re an independent contractor, write up and send clear invoices in a timely manner.

If you’re out of work due to the economic crisis, it’s easy to feel like your career has hit a dead end. However, with a little resourcefulness, you can use the virtual tools at your disposal to interview with new employers or clients, achieve financial stability again, and prove your worth in your new position.

Photo via Pixabay