Today’s Tip

How do you fill up your bucket?

What’s a bucket? It’s your personal, emotional, spiritual, energy bucket

Make sure you are filling up your bucket regularly. You don’t want to burn out! You need to know what drains you and what fills you.

What drains you?

Are there parts of your job that really drain you? Make sure you know what does.

  • Identify the drainers
  • Pace them; space out when you tackle them
  • Put boundaries around them

What fills you?

  • What energizes you?
  • What part of the day is your energy stronger?
  • Don’t forget to look outside of work – Hobbies, recreation activities, getting outside, spending time with family/friends, talking a walk.


Go back and enjoy the activities that energize you outside of work. Don’t feel guilty for taking time to energize yourself. You will be more productive, make better decisions, be more interactive and people will enjoy being around you.