Today’s Tip

Are you looking to change your industry or job function? Today’s tip will give you 4 steps to help make sure you are on your way to a successful job search.

Identify that you are making an industry or job function career change.

Your job search strategy will need to change in order for you to land more effectively and get the interviews you need.

If you are making a complete change, you need to understand:

  • You will need to educate yourself on the new industry.
  • You may need to start over at the bottom.
  • You need to get more experience, even if you just finished up a Master’s program in that field.

Recognize the kind of change you’re making.

Look at and access your skills. What are your strongest skills? How are they coming across?

Track what you do on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. Some skills you do on a routine basis may come to you so naturally that you don’t even realize that you have them.

Research the new job/industry.

Make sure that it’s a fit. If there is a skills gap, go back to school, get experience, get training, and do what you need to do to get in that industry.

Do informational interviewing.

Talk to people that are doing the job that you are looking into. Find out what they are doing in their job and how it may be similar or different to what you are doing in your job or industry.