As promised I have posted my goals I shared in my January 2012 newsletter. Now you can keep me accountable and share in my successes or failures – because we all have them.


(I have added my May updates – good with some, not so good in others)

  1. Get stronger and healthier through better nutrition and regular exercise – back running with new sneakers
  2. Nutrition plan – help with skin and allergies – on track here
  3. To run / walk regularly building up mileage for Oct race
  4. Yoga and zumba classes – at least one per week. – not yet
  5. To have a monthly date with my husband  – trying at least once every 6-7 weeks
  6. To have regular date / alone time with each of the boys – happening but need more of it
  7. Write and record a full set of brief videos for finding target and job search help – yes – see my YouTube channel.  I am adding to it regularly.
  8. Launch new coaching concept in February – done
  9. Write one article per week – more like every two weeks but still striving
  10. Be involved with media as a career expert – have had 2 quotes go into national pubs so far
  11. Hire someone to help with filing and organizing – think I may have found a Virtual Assistant to help
  12. Gain X number of new clients this year which will provide X income
  13. Complete another women’s Bible study
  14. Continue in spiritual relationships – yes and gained more this year
  15. Read Mere Christianity by CS Lewis – just began it this week
  16. Read Simply Christian by N.T. Wright
  17. Learn to do one of three things; build mosaics, paint abstracts with acrylics, or knit toy animals – knitting little toy owls took off this winter

    my goofy knit owls

  18. Read one book a month = 12 books a year – on track
  19. Begin a blog around my life as a pastor’s wife – it exists but I haven’t written much
  20. Raise $750 + to build a home(s) in Haiti
  21. Continue in my participation in my local town and church to help those in need – yes – love my town

That’s it. I hope I haven’t frightened a bunch of you off. Now you really know me. What will your plan for 2012 be? Write it down and share it!