I think it is time to give some quick reminders of what to do on your LinkedIn profiles and resumes that can help you be more successful in your job search.

Remember your resume and LinkedIn profile are marketing pieces for your brand.  They should express who you are and why you do what you do.  The goal is always to get you connected to the right people and called for the interview.  Your live conversations are where you will sell yourself as the right person for the gig.

Let me review a few quick tips for both.


  1. Add skills to your profile.  This is a must have in order to be seen in search results.
  2. Use the professional headline to express the keywords associated with your target.
  3. Have a clean, clear, professional photo.  I might add you may want to smile in it too.
  4. Re-order the sections within a profile to show your key strengths near the top.
  5. Get your unique public profile URL.  Have it be your name and as few numbers as possible.  Make it as brief as possible.


  1. Make sure your resume is easy to read.  It must be easy on the eyes.  Don’t go too wordy.  It won’t be read.  Unfortunately not many of us truly read the details of anything anymore.  It has to be compelling for us to do so.  Hiring teams are scanning resumes for core competencies and accomplishments.
  2. Keep the font clean and clear.  Straight lined fonts are best, such as Arial.
  3. Numbers, numbers, numbers.  It is all about accomplishments, not responsibilities.
  4. Keep to 2 pages or less, no matter what.  Here is an option to those of you with a long work history, have a long version of your resume with a comprehensive job history, if it applies.  Use this long version as a tool in your first interview.  Rules 1,2, and 3 still apply though.

Just a quick recap of some important items to be aware of and watching for.