I have been editing a big share of resumes lately.  I think the graduation timing is the reason.  But in any case I want to remind all of you of some killer mistakes that you want to avoid.


  1. Tense:  Keep the tense of your descriptions for each job / area of employment consistent.  Current positions are in present tense.  All past employment are in pasttense.
  2. Nicely format employer, dates, job title so that it is easy to read.  Also always remember to include this for each of your employers that you choose to include on your resume.
  3. Never put personal data that is more than your contact information or the reasons why your employment end.  Save that for the interview but as for the personal data, save that for after you are hired.
  4. Education data:  again be sure this is neatly and clearly formated with all the appropriate data (school name, location, degree, year graduated)
  5. Highlight at the top of the first page (just below your contact information) your strengths and the job you are targeting.
I think that covers the key issues I am seeing lately.  If you have any specific questions, be sure to reach out and ask.