Keynote Speaking
and Facilitation

Lisa has a contagious enthusiasm that engages and impacts her audiences at all levels and sizes to apply practical steps to their lives and careers. Through active facilitation, inspirational stories, and group activities, Lisa pulls in the listener to walk away empowered and ready to accomplish their personal and professional goals. She speaks through Keynotes, Workshops, Podcasts, and Retreats.


Half-day, full day, or retreat oriented events developing skills in Career Management, Life Balance, Effective Communications, DiSC, Having Healthy Conflict, Mentorship, Resiliency, Leadership, Executive Presence, Ethics, Time Management and Faith and Marriage.

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Lisa provides inspirational stories and activities for your audience centered around developing strong leaderships skills, actively gaining resilience through change, and growing in their faith and work.


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Lisa is unafraid of helping organizations have those hard discussions that can be crippling to team development and organizational progress. Engagement through active facilitation of your hard topics can be safe and productive. Find out how.

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Lisa has spoken to various corporate organizations in and out of the Capital District, such as NYISO, Berkshire Farms, CRHRA, NYSERDA, Dept of Health, and Latham Pools. She is a certified trainer of trainers for DiSC through Wiley Publishing and a certified trainer in the Five Behaviors of Cohesive Teams. Lisa also brings her training curriculms through her work at Bishop House Consulting in the Albany NY area.

She has been interviewed for podcasts as well. See her most recent interview with Jordon Johnstone of 4Word Women in March of 2020, in which she and Jordan discuss healthy conflict and how to have it.

Episode 6: Use Your Personality Style to Win More Conflicts

Earlier in 2016, Lisa and her friend and colleague, Dr. Seth Stone, and decided to team up to bring a new “voice” to leadership podcasts. They brought a little “sass” to their discussions with their guests. Guests ranged from the brand-new CEO, to various authors and researchers, to the President of a non-profit.

Though Seth and Lisa put the publication of this podcast on hold for now, Lisa plans to be back on the podcast “stage” again in 2020.

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