ctm_brothers_220x157I don’t know about you but every year, whether my Patriots are in the Super Bowl or not, I am “hung over”. Not from drinking but the excitement and lead up to the game, plus staying up late on a Sunday evening is a challenge. I have school aged kids and need to be awake by 6:00 am most days.

I love watching the Super Bowl. This year, with the Patriots out of it, I was routing for the  Niners. Had my “lucky” Joe Montana shirt on and all. I also really was intrigued by the thought of having 2 brothers coaching against each other in the Super Bowl.  How the Harbaugh parents must have felt throughout the game as it swung one side to the other.

What an interesting game after half-time. Up until that point the Ravens ran away with it.  Many thanks to the SF fan who accidentally flipped the light switch. If SF hadn’t gotten that first touchdown after the lights came back on the game would have been even less interesting.

super-bowl-xlvii-feb-3-2013-vince-lombardi-trophyEven though I am a huge football fan and love watching the game, I am not going to go into a detailed breakdown of the game.  I’ll leave that to the other guys. My interest really lies in the commercials, half-time show, and all the extras around the game. Here are my two cents on the whole experience. Now remember I am a career nerd and mother of 2 school aged boys.

The Commercials – Always Interesting

Every year my brother and I call each other the day after the game to discuss our favorites. I think there is a bit of marketing “nerd” in me, in addition to the career nerd. Seriously, I look forward to it every year. I was a bit taken back by the pre-game release of so many but whatever. Here are my picks.

Favorite:  The Paul Harvey, God Made a Farmer commercial which really advertised Dodge Ram Trucks. Just a good 2 minute spot which got Dodge’s point across. As soon as I saw it I said “favorite”.

Funniest:  So many to choose from here but our family liked 2 of them;  Elder Party by Taco Bell and Amy Poehler with Best Buy.  Good for laughs on both accounts.

Solid:  Volkswagen and The Joe Montana stain by Tide

So-So:  Budweiser, Coke, and many others including the hot Go-Daddy spot.

Hated:  The million CBS and NFL commercials.  Although I will say my husband enjoyed the NFL Draft / Leon Sandcastle spot.

You can skip all my rhetoric and go right for the professionals. Reviews: 1st half and 2nd half.

The Half-Time Show – In Need of a FaceLift

OK, here is where I just go off.  We had to change the channel.  Beyounce was so raunchy we literally changed the channel to America’s Funniest Home Videos (which by the way, my boys were excited to watch – Thank God). Truly Pepsi, CBS and NFL… do I need a stage full of half dressed gorgeous women grinding while singing so-so in front of my 8 and 10 year old sons?  NO I do not.  I am trying to raise my sons to respect women for more than their looks or sex appeal.  This does not help me AT ALL!

I am done with half-time shows unless it is U2.  Really!  This is not family entertainment sorry CBS but it isn’t.  Now I know why there were so many “commercials” promoting the half-time show. Ridiculous.  Ok, I’m better now.

Thankfully, the game was good, the coverage during the power outage was respectable and overall the commercials weren’t bad.

On a career nerd note, I did make a note to check out the new CBS show “The Job” Friday night.  I can see a blog post there without a problem.  I’m skeptical that it will be anything worthwhile but I won’t be able to help myself. I’ll have to watch or at least DVR it to watch it later in the weekend.

Your Thoughts?

What were your thoughts around this year’s Super Bowl?  Would love to here them.