young_professional_life_coachingFor many people, one of the most difficult aspects of being in a managerial position is dealing with young employees who are fresh out of college. Indeed, “green” employees can sometimes be difficult to deal with, most often as a result of their inexperience in the professional world. Working against your younger employees isn’t going to do you any favors, however, and may even end up hindering your business. In fact, these employees tend to harbor traits that make them very valuable as workers; you just need to know how to tap into them.

An interesting insight seen in some articles by Michael Fertik, owner of, propose that “The best managers of younger employees are people who would otherwise love teaching for a living” (Fertik, “Managing Employees in Their Twenties). If you want to be a good manager, you have to approach this task with the right mindset. The following are two reasons why you shouldn’t work against your younger employees, and how to learn to work in tandem with them.

Younger Employees Haven’t Experienced Burnout

Burnout is one of the worst things that someone can experience when working in the professional world. The sad fact of the matter is that just about anyone who has been working the same job for a long period of time will experience some degree of burnout at one point or another in their career. Burnout can have lasting side effects, and can lead to a lack of motivation as well as apathy. In the end, those who burn out often end up losing their jobs based upon these issues. Younger employees, on the other hand, tend not toe experience burnout because they haven’t been in the industry very long. As a result, they usually end up being excellent workers.

Younger Employees Are Up on the Hottest Business Trends

Technology and the Internet have a much bigger impact on the business world than they ever have in the past. The fact is, a lot of older employees have difficulty keeping up with the changes that occur in the technology industry, as massive changes can easily occur in short periods of time. Younger employees grew up in the digital age, however, which means they tend to stay on top of the hottest trends in business technology. As a result, a company that is staffed by younger employees will typically stay ahead of one that is not.

Younger Employees Respond Well to Respect

If you want to get the most out of managing your younger employees, you’ll do well by treating them with respect. Young people tend to work harder when they are talked to like adults, and don’t respond well to condescending attitudes. The more trust you put in your younger employees, the more likely it is that they’ll work hard.

You won’t be doing yourself any favors by working against your young employees. By embracing their skills, everyone will be happier and more productive in the end.